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My Resume (Royalty-Free)

Michael Vail ‘24 (Not Sponsored by Starbucks) Just before the start of the Spring 2023 semester, Holy Cross Dining Services announced their partnership with Starbucks, the most successful and influential coffee retailer in the world. When asked to release an official statement on the decision, the President of […]

The Holy Cross Mission

Michael Vail ‘24 Entomologist      I found a mosquito on a windowsill in Kimball today, at coordinates 42.2401347, -71.8083961. Feeling particularly philosophical, I referred to our mission statement in search of guidance.      What are our obligations to one another? What is our special responsibility to the world’s poor […]

The Dunkin’ Runner

Michael Vail ‘24 Urban-Inspired Journalist Another day, another dollar. Or another 8 am shift, another $14.25 per hour, I suppose. Haha. Our beloved protagonist walks into a Boston Dunkin’ Donuts (not sponsored), in earshot of the kitchen where a hypothetical shriek could be heard, if one were to […]