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How to Have Fun in Kimball

Michael Vail ‘24 Protector of Your Sanity in These Trying Times It’s almost finals week. A tough time for everyone, indeed. Enough of the introduction, though. Let’s get to why we’re really here: to explore the endless possibilities Kimball offers that you haven’t been able to comprehend yet. […]

Bird Poem

Michael Vail ‘24Walked Through the Park Today Shall I compare thee to an autumn day?No, autumn days are nothing like you. For you are a bird, and an autumn day is a construct. What a silly comparison. And I’m not that vain; these words will not last. I […]

A Night to Remember

Michael Vail ‘24 Talented Teller of Tall Tales Oct. 23, 2021, 9:30 p.m. The height of the inauguration celebration on the Kimball Quad. Students enjoy the hustle and bustle of the celebration. We open with the gamblin’ man… I twiddled the chip between my fingers, lowering the brim […]

Campus Contemplations, Pt. 1

Michael Vail ‘24Self-Appointed Distributor of Thoughts “This fire hydrant is raised slightly above the ground. And this one is halfway-buried. This third one, however, is perfectly level. Why were they designed this way?” – KEVIN “Where did the cinnamon toast crunch go?” – David ‘22 “Over these past […]

The Sodium Diet

Michael Vail ‘24 Reporter Prodigy, Looking to Serve a Cause Greater Than Himself Hot Dog, 440.3 grams of sodium. 2,446% of daily value. Buffalo Chicken, 802.3 grams of sodium. 4,457% daily value. Pork Ribs, 3,251.1 grams of sodium. 18,062% daily value. All of the above statistics were taken […]

Job Posting – All Students Eligible!

Michael Vail ‘24 Trustworthy Employer Position Title: Professional college essay writer Start Date: ASAP Hours: Depends on your typing speed. Pay rate: I can give you like $80 in dining dollars. Background check?: I don’t care how many felonies you’ve committed, as long as you can write. Number […]