Does Physics Have Something to Say About Everything?

Spencer Caron ’20s Opinions Editor Unfortunately, my academic skill set does not naturally lie in the empirical sciences. No matter how much I enjoy reading about physics, and no matter how up-to-date I attempt to remain in regard to biological advances, it simply doesn’t transfer to mathematical and laboratory aptitude. So, though I can’t by and large explore the question, “Is all science just physics?” empirically, there exists no shortage of philosophers who are interested in this question from the theoretical angle. Basically, two major of schools of thought answer this question differently. On one hand, physicialists (sometimes called materialists) … Continue reading Does Physics Have Something to Say About Everything?

“Why Pursuing Beyond One’s Major is Important”

Henry W. Noe ’22 Opinions Editor While at college, students are fixated on fervently pursuing their chosen vocation. As a result, some students lack diverse courses and skills that transcends the borders of their major. While the navigation of the nuances and details of one’s major is a positive, it must be met with a development in a number of different areas as well. These developments do not just bring about internal satisfaction, but also a post-graduation advantage when searching for employment.   While present among college students, the origin of this may be in high school academia.The culture surrounding … Continue reading “Why Pursuing Beyond One’s Major is Important”

Oscars 2018/2019

Tyler Christiansen’21 Staff Writer Fall and winter are not only the best season because of the holidays, but also because all of the best movies come out in the months of October through December. Yes, this summer had huge hits like Avengers: Infinity War, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Deadpool 2 and the sequel that we’ve only been waiting fourteen years for: Incredibles 2. While all of these movies are good in their own right, the latter half of the year brings all of the independent movies that seemingly slipped under the radar that are actually thought-provoking and worthy of going to … Continue reading Oscars 2018/2019

The Scary Caravan- Not so Scary After All

Olivia Pan ’20 Chief Opinions Editor These last several weeks, there has been an extraordinary amount of discussion regarding a caravan of immigrants making their way towards the United States border. According to BBC, “There are several caravans moving north. The first and biggest is the one that left San Pedro Sula on 13 October.” It was originally estimated that 7,000 immigrants comprised the first caravan, but it is currently estimated that there are now between 4,000 and 5,000 immigrants comprising this first caravan that is traveling presently through Mexico to the U.S border, with most traveling from Honduras. (WashingtonPost). … Continue reading The Scary Caravan- Not so Scary After All