Student Voices Disappointment with Administrative Response to Bishop McManus’ Discriminatory Comments

Dear President Boroughs, Dean Freije, and Dean Murray, I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment at the administration’s lack of response to the Bishop’s discriminatory comments against transgender individuals. I appreciate that there was a statement made specifically regarding the writing and missteps of the article, […]

Holy Cross Healing

Britt Axelson ‘21 Guest Writer Our country is polarized, and we need to work on speaking with people we do not agree with. It can be challenging to be empathetic to views other than our own. However, examining our underlying assumptions and making the effort to consider the […]


Mario Micallef ’22 I find myself so distant from the coastlines of bliss.   I find myself intertwined within the peels of a gangly soft yellow shell. What little respect you possess. Blame, blame, shame, shame; your bottom won’t remain. There are more of my kind in here, […]