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100 Days Ball

Gioia Guarino ‘23 Features Section Editor This past Friday, March 17, 2023, brought more than Saint Patrick’s pot of gold, but the senior classes 100 days ball! Hosted by the Purple Key Society, the committee invited all 2023 Senior class members to a night full of fun, food, […]

Bagel Wednesday

By Gioia Guarino ’23 Features Section Editor The first Wednesday of every month is a fan favorite here at Holy Cross, attracting long lines and hungry students. As a second-semester senior, I can attest that Bagel Wednesdays are the perfect treat and time to chat with friends over […]

Crusader of the Week: Valentina Moran

Name: Valentina Moran Class Year: 2023 Hometown: West Hartford, CT Major: Architectural Studies Campus Activities: Head Photographer for the Spire Favorite Movie: Any Marvel movie Favorite song: Take Me Back by Oliver Hazard Favorite singer/group: Queen Favorite color: Burgundy  Favorite sports team: Mets Favorite class taken at Holy […]