This is not just to say…

Michael Vail ‘24
Wants to Get Serious for a Moment, Please

…that I was disturbed,


by the rancid gust within

That I was anxious,


to approach that field of sin

(Though it has been worse.)

But also

to make clear

that I was taken back,

quite shocked!


by my own


I delay to confess,

(Here it comes. Oh, well.)

I was taken aback


the, cursed serpentine structure,

inanimate alone

yet all too alive…

Only saved by golden fleece,

shielded outside, not in,


Was it actually golden?

Perception is unreal and

mine has been tainted.

(Could you not have been more careful?)

Turn, turn, turn, don’t look back.

Well thank the stars, at least

you missed it!

Aren’t you a lucky


Just a day or so in, and


is quite real

(More than I bargained for.)

They say first impressions

are the most


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