A Deep Dive Into Upcoming Events on myHC

Michael Vail ‘24

Reducing Your myHC Usage by 50 Percent

myHC is one of ITS’s most significant projects to date. It functions as a centralized platform for all things related to Holy Cross: campus-wide events, student communications, important scheduling updates, and so much more. Students… tolerate it. That is, they use it to sign up for events, because they have to. I don’t think the “chat” feature has ever been used by anyone, due to the invention of email. Remember the good times we spent posting on the forum? Me neither. As students make no attempt to navigate this platform, they instead focus on a larger issue at hand: the instability of their HCWireless connection. In response to widespread complaints about the WiFi, ITS recently announced, “Just turn it off and on again, you moron.” Can you believe ITS said that?

The only myHC feature a given student will consistently use is the Events page. Let’s dive into some of the most exciting upcoming events this semester you should be on the lookout for:

“Purchase a Salad Box” from Office of Sustainability. For a small upfront cost of $120, you can win a salad! Six salads, actually, across the span of six weeks. For all you non-math majors out there, that’s approximately $20 per salad. The vegetables used in these salads are grown in the cold March winds of New England. A list of possible vegetables included is provided, but whether any or all of them actually get to you is a bit of a gamble. Sign up now to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle and responsible environmental practices! I personally plan to drive to Smith Hall to retrieve my salad.

“SGA Shopping Shuttles” from The Student Government Association. These weekly shuttles will take you to Walmart, Target, and anywhere else you desire for a small bribe. They’re a great way to get the groceries you need after Kimball has failed you for the last time and you lose the Salad Box gamble. Make sure you get there a bit early — the shuttles are small and if you lose your seat, the driver will not let you sit on the roof (at least, not without a hefty bribe I cannot afford after tuition fees).

“All Recovery Meeting (COPY) (COPY) (COPY) (COPY) (COPY) (COPY) (COPY)” from The Office of Student Wellness Education. Something tells me this event has happened before. And the organizer knows the pain of creating recurring events on myHC.

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