The Best Places to Eat in Worcester

Alissandra Conlon ‘24

The Best Places to Eat in Worcester

Worcester is locally renowned for its restaurant scene; every culture, heritage and style can be found within the city. Notable restaurants include VIA, Volturno, and the classic Worcester Public Market. The one that never seems to make it to the top of the Yelp list is Kimball Dining Hall. This building has beautiful architecture inside and out. The interior reminds me of “Hogwarts” minus the floating candles. The glory of this facility does not stop with its interior; the food speaks for itself. Where else can you go to find endless options that only include pizza, mediocre mains, and sometimes pasta. It is an “all you can eat” buffet, although there is a limit as they often run out of food. There is definitely, always (sometimes) a  kind of protein to be found (debatably edible) with some starch and vegetables. The fan favorite around town is fish fridays; sometimes it has fruit on top, sometimes fried, but there has never been a Friday without fish in the history of the building. It is impressive that they hold this tradition even though the data directly points to fish Fridays being the slowest day for business. 

The one warning I do have about this place is that the food is just so good it is gone about one hour before closing time. If you are considering going at 7pm, do not waste your time- your options will be limited to the salad bar and the frozen fruit station. I have never seen a place run out of pasta so frequently as it only takes seven minutes to boil and can be stored in dry storage until literally the end of time. The greeting staff is always kind and willing to talk to you which is genuinely the best part of the experience. “Closing Time” promptly plays each night at 8:05 pm, which is a little odd due to the fact that there is never music playing otherwise. This song is also a not-so-gentle reminder to get out before they clear the table underneath you. My experiences will not necessarily be yours but I would love to hear it if yours is better or worse. If we all post a review on Yelp, I think we can get it to one of the top 10 restaurants in the Woo! 

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