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Crusader of the Week: Valentina Moran

Name: Valentina Moran Class Year: 2023 Hometown: West Hartford, CT Major: Architectural Studies Campus Activities: Head Photographer for the Spire Favorite Movie: Any Marvel movie Favorite song: Take Me Back by Oliver Hazard Favorite singer/group: Queen Favorite color: Burgundy  Favorite sports team: Mets Favorite class taken at Holy […]

Turning Tables with WCHC

Michael O’Brien ‘23 Editor in Chief      Student media groups are an integral part of the opportunities that are available to the Holy Cross community for a chance to express themselves and share what they’re passionate about with others, and WCHC 88.1 FM is a great example of one […]

Crusader of the Week: Joey Abrams

Name: Joey Abrams Hometown: Manhattan, New York City Major: English and Sociology Campus Activities: Co-editor in Chief of the Spire Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Favorite sports team: New York Yankees Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: Milton with Professor Schoenberger Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Dixon Item on HC Bucket List: To not run […]

Peep My Crib!

Caroline Wallace ‘23 Features Editor In my off-campus house, I live on the third floor. Because of this, the ceilings in my room are slanted and the walls are all wood paneling. When I first moved in, I wasn’t sure how to spruce it up. However, the wood […]