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Demystifying HC Clear

Nicole Letendre ’23  Features Editor Several weeks into the semester, College of the Holy Cross students are likely well-acquainted with the platform HC Clear, used daily to schedule COVID tests, check-up on test results, and catalogue symptoms. As the semester has progressed, key questions have arisen regarding self-reporting […]

Memory Gates by Kevork Mourad

Grace Bromage ‘23 Chief Features Editor In our current world, where we remain isolated from one another, it can be hard to feel connected. However, connectedness and universality are values that Kevork Mourad—a Syrian artist who has collaborated with a variety of famous musicians and institutions—strives to tap […]

Crusader of the Week: Courtney Breen ’21

Name: Courtney Breen  Class Year: 2021 Hometown: Hull, MA Major: Psychology, Pre-Med Campus Activities: AMSA (American Medical Student Association), Holy Cross for a Cure, E and R Laundry Representative  Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club  Favorite Song: Yellow by Coldplay Favorite Singer/Group: Taylor Swift  Favorite Color: Baby Blue Favorite […]