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Introducing The Delilahs 2021

Rea Nassif ‘24 Features Editor Walking through the cocurricular extravaganza on Saturday, I was approached by two seniors, Allison McGrath ‘21 and Avery Faires ‘21. Their ebullient presence prompted me to stand by their table and observe the presentation  for their club, The Delilahs. As a member of […]

Crusader of the Week

Name: Yvona Safi ‘24 Hometown: Haverhill, MA Major: Neuroscience  Campus Activities: Member of SPUD, Volunteer at neuroscience lab with Professor Basu Favorite Movie: Greece Favorite Song: “Chasing You” by Morgan Wallen Favorite Singer/Group: Ariana Grande or Harry Styles Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Sports Team: Bruins Favorite Class taken […]

Aristotle and toxic productivity

Catherine Yackira ‘24 I’m a big fan of this one philosopher, pretty mainstream guy you’ve probably heard of him: Aristotle. I particularly like his writings on virtue ethics, which focuses on virtues and moral character rather than rules or consequences. I may butcher this explanation, so I recommend […]

The Making of “Massively Distributed”

Nicole Letendre ’23 Features Editor On Friday April 30th, “Massively Distributed,” an audiovisual display brought about by the collective work of Masary Studios, Monserrat’s “Natural World” cluster, and Arts Transcending Borders, was projected onto the side of the future Performing Arts Center for students to view. Upon arrival, […]