Cheer is Back at Holy Cross!

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor 

Thanks to vaccines and things returning, mostly, to normal, the College of the Holy Cross cheer team is finally able to return on the Hill! The cheer team has been unable to practice since the beginning of 2020. Prior to the pandemic, the team had been practicing to compete in Daytona, Florida at the NCA Nationals. Unfortunately, they were never able to attend as a result of COVID-19 and Holy Cross students being sent home. 

However, football games are back, and that means that cheer is too! This year, there are many new team members. Some have cheered before, and others have not. Regardless, the dynamic on the team is positive and the team is so strong considering it is only the beginning of their season. The girls on the team are eager to learn new stunts and are very quick at picking up and mastering new skills. 

The team also has three new senior captains: Ashley Cunningham, Molly Murphy, and Katie Vansse. The girls have all cheered on the team since their first year at Holy Cross, and they are excited to finally be back cheerleading. The girls have fostered a positive team environment and are constantly encouraging other students on the Hill to join the team. Also new to the team is new assistant coach Jillian Recko. Jillian is the sister of current head coach Jenna Recko. Jillian has a lot of experience with cheer and, along with Jenna, is helping the team become stronger and raising the team’s overall skill level. 

Photos Courtesy of the Holy Cross Cheer Team

Recently, the Holy Cross 2021 Cheer team made their debut at the home opener football game where Holy Cross played Merrimack. The girls performed with the Good Time Marching Band, led cheers and stunts on the sidelines, and threw out t-shirts to the crowd after every touchdown. The team is looking forward to the Homecoming game this weekend as well as having the opportunity to cheer at the Polar Park game in October during family weekend. Be on the lookout for the cheer team at the upcoming games as they are constantly creating new pyramids and dances for the games!

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