Smash Ultimate DLC Predictions: Mario

Dennis Liu ’22


Big news broke out on the internet last week. News surrounding an important figure, beknown to many. I am, of course, talking about Steve of Minecraft fame. The new fighter joining the battle in the critically acclaimed fighting game crossover, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, as a part of “Fighter’s Pass Volume 2” as the games 7th DLC fighter and second in the pass. The news of Steve getting into Smash Ultimate was so huge, Twitter went down for a few hours. This is in comparison to President Donald Trump, the leader of our nation, getting coronavirus the next day, and twitter went on with business as usual. STEVE, not Trump, caused Twitter to crash.

Smash Bros is a popular game amongst students at Holy Cross. Many of my fondest memories from my time here have been making friends and hanging out over a game of Smash, whether that be in Hanselman, Alumni or Williams. I have been playing since the series third installment, Brawl and remain a dedicated fan. The game has a widespread appeal. While somewhat difficult to master, it remains a great game for casual and hardcore gamers alike. No matter your familiarity to gaming, there is bound to be a face you recognize in the game. 

Smash Bros has been quoted to be a celebration of gaming. It has over 70 characters in the game. The DLC content I mentioned before is slated to release 4 more fighters within the next year (bar inevitable COVID delays. Bless Sakurai and the developers). In this new series, I will write about my predictions for the upcoming series. My first prediction is pretty controversial but hear me out here. The next fighter for Smash Ultimate is;

Mario, from the Super Mario Bros series.

Crazy, right? How could they add him? There is no way Mario could fit into Smash! He would be way overpowered! He would break the game! But I really think he could be a great a fit. The following are my ideas for his move set.

Mario’s neutral special would be his fireball attack. Most fighters use a projectile as their neutral, and what better projectile for Mario than this. It would bounce, do a little bit of damage, but disrupt the flow of the other fighter. It might be hard to develop, and be a little out there, but it could work. I swear.

Side special, the cape. It could be used as a reflector and turn people around. Cause what is Mario without his cape? Obviously. Duh.

Up special, definitely his super jump punch. And as an added effect, aside from recovery, some coins pop out as he hits the opponent. This is a pretty radical idea, but trust me. It could work.

Down special, the FLUDD thing from Sunshine. You’d charge it up, and then once you hit the release button, it pushes opponents away. Definitely won’t annoy opponents. Definitely would not. Not obnoxious at all. Definitely no-

You could give Mario some other cool moves. Like for his forward air, give him a sweet dunk that can spike opponents. But I don’t think anyone would spam the move or anything. Nah. Smash players are never annoying and never spam moves.

Smash Ultimate has been full of surprises. Steve certainly was. Mario might seem out there, but anything is possible. He might have a chance. I mean, if he made it in, it’d probably be only Mario, one stage, and two music tracks. I can’t see Luigi or anyone else from Mario’s game making it in. The Super Mario series isn’t popular enough to have more than one fighter. Regardless, if Mario makes it in, you read it here first. 

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