Alpha Sigma Nu: A Letter to the Campus Community

Dear members of the Holy Cross community,

We, the members of Alpha Sigma Nu, write in support of the recent motion presented by the ad hoc Committee on Faculty Sexual Misconduct dated April 5, 2019. As members of this Jesuit Honors Society, we are motivated to strive to be “for and with” victims/survivors of sexual abuse on this campus. In order to provide the utmost safety for not only survivors but all students at the College of the Holy Cross, we believe that it is necessary to allow an independent investigator to aide in the review of faculty sexual misconduct cases, policies, and procedures. We are in accord with their statement that “an independent investigation offers the best chance of restoring trust, and we will continue to work with urgency towards that goal” (email to the faculty, April 2, 2019). 

Many of us were participants in the two-day student-led sit-in at the beginning of February, and one of the demands submitted called for an external audit of Title IX, which has yet to be fulfilled, and we believe that the independent investigation is a necessary component of that demand. The sit-in was a clear demonstration of the full embodiment of the mission and values of the Jesuit Honors Society. We have been inspired to witness our peers uphold the mission of Alpha Sigma Nu in such a visible, intentional, and meaningful way. We are voicing our continued support of the student body and faculty in their demand for increased transparency as well as just and adequate support for those who have been harmed.

The three pillars of Alpha Sigma Nu are scholarship, service, and loyalty. We are grateful for the many opportunities Holy Cross has to offer that allow students to live out these pillars regularly in the academic setting. We recognize, however, that the values of scholarship, service, and loyalty are not limited to the walls of our classrooms. In order to fully live out these values, we must look outside of these easily accessible opportunities and, in the spirit of Jesuit tradition, seek justice and uphold the ideal of being people for and with others, especially within our campus community. It is the collective talent, passion, and dedication of each member of our student body that challenges us to strive to uphold these ideals. We write today out of loyalty to one another, and with faith that we can continue to not only listen to one another, but take actionable steps towards re-establishing trust.

We are members of an accomplished student body, but awards and accolades are meaningless if they are not supplemented with a critical eye, intentional action, and compassion. We are proud to have witnessed our faculty and fellow students to apply their intellect to the situation at hand, raising apt criticisms and concerns over the past semester. As members of an honor society and also as a part of an institution dedicated to upholding scholarship, service, and loyalty, we hope that the administration responds in a way that reflects these same values. 

Thus, we offer our wholehearted support of an independent investigation and urge the Board of Trustees to accept and take timely and decisive action on the Faculty Assembly’s request.

In service,

Alpha Sigma Nu members:

Amanda Wibben ‘19

Claire MacMillan ‘19 

Declan Cronin ‘19

Erin Dennehy ‘19

Galen Comerford ‘19

Jaclyn Brewster ‘19

John Kim ‘19

Kara Cuzzone ‘19

Katherine Elacqua ‘19

Lillian Piz ‘19

Margaret Goddard ‘19

Mattie Carroll ‘19

Maya Collins ‘19, Chapter Vice President

Mithra Salmassi ‘19, Chapter President

Stephen Ross ‘19

Teresa Murphy ‘19

Marie Moncata ’19

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