Dunkin’ at Dinand: Library set to Debut Starbucks Competition

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

Flyer courtesy of Cloe Bridge ’23
Dunkin’ Coming Soon!

During winter break, students were informed that Dining Services announced their collaboration with the well-known coffee chain Starbucks. It marked a historical transition into bringing well-known food brands into the Holy Cross dining experience. The swarming crowds after its opening continue to indicate great interest and support for the incorporation of a variety of coffee and drink options. Since its opening, there have been more requests for further expansion into other companies such as Dunkin’ Donuts, which is well-known for being New England’s biggest coffee chain. Therefore, a group of students has come together to fight for Dunkin’ presence on campus called The Dunkin’ Saders.

Since its formation, the club has been able to have great success in its work to get a Dunkin’ on campus for students to enjoy. President William Rosenberg ‘23 has been working hard to spread the word about this development, “If America runs on Dunkin’, then Crusaders should too. Since Dunkin’ was founded in Massachusetts, it’s only fair that it be present on our campus.” The club has held a variety of events in hopes to achieve their goal such as a Donut Design party in Hogan, an online petition, and teven a They are currently planning a rally in protest the Starbucks at Babel, where in which they will do a sit-in protest to block customers from reaching the counter. “We as a club do not feel that a Starbucks belongs on this Campus, especially before a Dunkin’. We will do whatever it takes to get our message across” says Rosenburg. 

The newest developments within the club’s mission include rumors that Dinand will be incorporating a Dunkin’ within the main reading room and it will be called, “Dunkin’ at Dinand.” While studying for their third exam of the week, students will be able to enjoy a refreshing collada or the staple iced coffee with a caramel swirl. Students will also be able to enjoy a select variety of donuts and munchkins. Rumor has it that the Dunkin’ Saders have been working toward creating a special donut recipe and design featuring Holy Cross’ signature logo and school colors. 

The Dunkin’ Saders will continue their difficult work and they are hoping to be able to get their Dunkin’ fix by fall 2023.

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