SGA Requires All RSO Members Submit Essays for Re-Recognition

Grace Bromage ‘23

Frazzled Spire Admin

For the last month, every student organization has been bombarded with emails requiring them to complete their SGA re-recognition form. The process itself was grueling, with leaders having to organize constitutions, mission statements, blood pacts, and myHC subscriptions. However, all student organization leaders were able to breathe a sigh of relief on the night of Wednesday, March 22 as the deadline closed and passed with no fanfare.

Wrong. On Saturday morning at 3 a.m., members of SGA emailed fifty student organizations claiming that they had submitted their applications wrong. SGA decided that having members electronically sign their names, join the myHC pages, and promise to give Holy Cross their first-born child was no longer enough to be recognized. Instead, students had to get in-person signatures! Student organizations had twenty-four hours to track down fifty underclassmen to sign their form or else their club would be permanently dissolved.  

Sunday, March 26 was filled with a flurry of activity as RSO leaders ran around campus to get the required fifty signatures. Many leaders stood outside Kimball with a paper and pen in hand to get unsuspecting underclassmen to sign as they left. Chaos ensued when the printers jammed due to all the organizations attempting to print the blank RSO roster forms at once. 

All fifty RSOs managed to complete the signatures in time. However, a new requirement was enacted on the night of Wednesday, March 29. RSOs once again had twenty-four hours to complete the new requirements, but this time, SGA required all members listed on the roster to submit a five-page, single-spaced essay on what the RSO means to them and why it should be re-recognized. 

SGA gave a statement to the Spire on the recognition process: “with all the stuff that’s going around about Twitter and the TikTok, you never know who might be a bot. Names and signatures just aren’t enough anymore to prove your undying devotion to student organizations.” 

Jane Smith ‘25, a student who is involved and listed on 20 RSO rosters, said that she is in the process of asking all her professors for extensions on her course assignments. 

“I spent all Sunday being attacked by RSO leaders asking for me to sign their rosters. Now, I’m being asked to write 20 five-page essays. I’m so grateful that the SGA is looking out for students’ best interest by making sure that no RSOs exist without full-hearted student endorsement,” Smith said.

Another student claimed that he was using ChatGBT to write the three essays for organizations he is a part of. This student chose to remain anonymous for fear of the SGA expelling him, or worse, dissolving his clubs.   

As the Spire’s administrator, I personally have spent the last four hours tracking down the dorms and room numbers of all our underclassmen members to get them to write these essays. Even though one student broke down into tears, all of this work will be worth it when The Spire gets re-recognized during the 

A message from SGA: Grace Bromage was unable to finish this article before the Spire was officially dissolved. Only 49 out of the 50 members listed on The Spire’s re-recognition roster submitted their five-page essay in time. As of this paragraph, the Spire no longer exists. Neither does the American Medical Student Association, the Architecture & Design Society, the American Sign Language Club, the Ballroom Dance Club, Chess Club, Creative Writing Club, Dance Ensemble, the Delilahs, Fools on the Hill, Gaming and Esports Club, Holy Cross Golf Club, Habitat for Humanity, Moot Court, Off the Record, Purple Key, Rugby, Spring Break Immersion, Ultimate Frisbee, WCHC Sports, and WCHC. SGA thanks the cooperation of all those students who did turn in the essays on time. Let’s continue to be students who act for and with others. 

Featured image courtesy of Shanil Perez ’24

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