Dance Ensemble’s First Showcase

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor

Still image courtesy of Dance Ensemble’s YouTube Channel
Dance Ensemble Family Weekend Showcase

Holy Cross’s Dance Ensemble hosted their first showcase of the year in the Hogan Ballroom on Friday, October 28th in the Hogan Ballroom. Because it was family weekend, the ballroom was filled with many families eager to watch the performance. The show began with an upbeat number to Harry Styles’ “Treat People With Kindness.” The dancers wore pink and white sweater vests to mirror the style of Harry Styles, and the jazz-style dance captivated the audience as the show’s first number. 

There were many remarkable dance performances in the show including a 90’s inspired hip-hop mix. The creativity of the choreographer shined, and the number was especially entertaining to watch. At one point in the number, the dancers formed a dance circle to showcase some of their various hip-hop related skills. To complete the 90’s theme, the dancers wore matching jumpsuits. This number caught my attention because of its numerous changes in rhythm and also the various formations created by the choreographer so as to keep the audience constantly entertained throughout the entirety of the dance.

There was also a tap number to Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” I appreciated the fact that the show included a tap number because it is often times a style that is overlooked in college dance clubs or teams. The dancers entered the stage wearing various, rainbow-colored boas. Again, this was to match the theme of the singer: Harry Styles. The tap choreography was in tune with every beat of the song, which is something that is incredibly difficult to do. What also made this number fun–aside from the boas–was the use of the disco ball in the Hogan ballroom. When the chorus of the song began, the disco ball turned on and provided a mirrored light that further grasped the audience’s attention. It also helped to further highlight the Harry Styles theme of the dance. 

A very unique style of choreography emerged on the stage during the number “All for Us,” by Labrinth, which most notably appears on the show “Euphoria.” In this dance, the performers wore all black, and despite the simplicity of the costumes, the number was so interesting because of its choreography which made use of constant formation shifts, with dancers constantly entering and exiting the stage from both sides. But, at the same time there were also dancers holding contemporary-style poses. These breaks in the choreography were visually pleasing and added to the contemporary mood of the dance. The kind of choreography that was in this number is something that is very hard to perfect and create; however, the dancers did a beautiful job. 

Overall, the showcase was extremely impressive. Having worked on these numbers for such a short period of time, it is remarkable how well the dancers were able to create and perfect these numbers so that they were showcase ready. As someone who used to dance, I found this show to be very entertaining and I really appreciated the technique and style of the dancers. I recommend everyone who enjoys watching dance to attend the next showcase put on by the dance ensemble as it is an amazing experience. 

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