A Real Account of Coronavirus in North Carolina

Hannah Johnson ‘21
University of Zoomsylvania

Photo courtesy of the Internet.

I haven’t been anywhere in N.C. besides Mebane since I came home. There’s been 9k-some cases here, 300 deaths or so, apparently. Haven’t heard about anything in our town. All I can speak to is my experience, which isn’t much, having been in quarantine this whole time now.

People still come and go from the condominiums. Apparently the Mebane vision center is partially open. One day Walmart put a “rat maze,” as my mom described it, of grocery carts outside the entrances. We went in freely before, but now they limit the amount of people walking into Walmart at once–so that the people inside can maintain proper social distancing.

Mom went out grocery shopping on her own one day, and apparently she was stopped by a woman.

— Oh? Don’t you have a facemask? Here, take this.

And she produced a Ziploc bag with a homemade blue and green cloth facemask inside.

— My sister has been making these, and we’re just trying to hand them out to people who need them. 

My mom tried to pay for it but she refused any money.

— It’s yours, stay safe. (…not really a joke or a bit here. Just some good old faith in humanity restored.)

A similar picture the last time I ventured out into the world and made “social contact” with someone. My sister and I accidentally tried to walk into a GameStop and were stopped by an employee. Just like Walmart… we had to wait for there to be space inside the store. We went inside, went over to the register, and stood on our designated tape-square, which denoted 6 ft. intervals in the waiting line. My sister tried to trade in her old games for the newest Animal Crossing, but out of precaution, Gamestop wouldn’t touch our old games. We got our games and went on our way;

— “Stay safe.”

And now what do I do? I’ve cleaned my room a lot, that’s for sure. I’m pushing on with classes–Holy Cross’ are wrapping up but those of us Study Abroad refugees now enrolled at Zoomsylvania still have a month of our courses left. I procrastinate on my larger assignments by writing for the Eggplant, but there won’t be any more Eggplant after this issue, I assume. What will I do? Hopefully, get my act together. I would be playing Animal Crossing but the thumbstick on my left joycon has begun malfunctioning, the notorious “drift.” Drives me nuts.

Nothing left to do, then, but clean, exercise, study… staying healthy, staying well.

Mom ordered toilet paper from Amazon two months ago… it still hasn’t got here.

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