Spire Updated Editorial Board

We have recently made some adjustments to our editorial board staff positions. Please take note of these important changes.

Jackie Cannon, Billy Fitzpatrick Still hiding in Hogan 235

Ethan Bachand, Jocelyn Buggy, Davey Sullivan Just wanted to be on the front page

Olivia Pan, Maggie Connolly, Ryen Cinski, Julia Maher, Grace Manning Actually follow politics 

Kelly Gallagher, Grace Bromage, Bridget Flaherty, Nicole Letendre, Clarabel Smith #Cultured 

Matt Anderson, Greg Hausler, Hannah Johnson, Joe Exotic, Mario Micallef Take everything seriously; grown into the single most powerful and influential organization in Holy Cross’ history.

Bobby Tuzzio, Luke Anthony, Charlie Krumsiek Watching 1980s sporting events during the quarantine

Hope Goodman, Olivia Cesarini, Kennedy Corrado, Brigie English, Anna Morris Silently judging your grammar 

Kim Fetherston, Hui Li Maintaining a standard of excellence to which we all aspire, monetarily supporting over 300,000 stray freelance photographers 

Olivia Cesarini, Mary-Kate Cunningham, Bianca Miccolis Should Be Asking for Raises Since We Are 100% Online Now

Caroline Manganaro, Cassie Smith ~Influencers~

Professor Steve Vineberg Cross Country team’s biggest fan 

Dean Brenda Hounsell Sullivan Keeping us all in line

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