Crusader of the Week – Samantha McCann ‘20

Major: English and Psychology

Hometown: Salem, NH

Favorite Class: Intro to Psych

Best HC meal: stir fry with fried rice

Favorite Cool Beans drink: iced caramel latte with light ice

Favorite Book: “Gone with the Wind”

Guilty pleasure: drinking an insane amount of coffee on a daily basis

Favorite Spot on Campus: lehy 339

HC bucket list: sneak on the rooftops of some buildings

Hobbies: swimming, painting my nails, listening to music, getting in-house

Number of all nighters  pulled this semester: technically 0

Favorite Movie: “The Lion King”

Favorite Off campus restaurant: Nuovo

Favorite HC Memory: I can’t pinpoint one specific memory, but in general hanging out with friends

Embarrassing Story: I slept through half of my midterm because my alarm didn’t go off

Role Model: my sister

Advice for HC students: get involved

Song on repeat: right now it’s from the greatest showman. Never enough

One thing you would change about HC: size. It feels a little too small sometimes

Dream Vacation: Europe. Specifically Italy

Your Mantra: Don’t worry, be happy.

Favorite musician: Bryan Adams

Fun fact: I play the harp

Celebrity Crush: Sam Clafin

Last Person I Texted: Maggie Flaherty

Favorite Dessert: Gelato

Categories: features

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