Letter to the Editors: The Crusader Tradition

On February 6, 2017, the Editors-in-Chief of The Crusader received the following letter co-signed by 48 members of the Holy Cross faculty. Our response to the letter can be accessed here

To the editors,

In response to the growing anti-Muslim tensions in our country, and to the fact that the Ku Klux Klan official newspaper shares the same name as our own, we the undersigned faculty members encourage the Editorial Board, and the Holy Cross student body in general, to initiate a discussion about changing the name of the Holy Cross student newspaper “The Crusader.” The College Mission Statement asserts that “[i]nformed by the presence of diverse interpretations of the human experience, Holy Cross seeks to build a community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility.” Acceptance and support of people from all cultures is a key aspect of this commitment. While we recognize and appreciate the long and proud tradition of the newspaper at Holy Cross, we question the value of a connection to names and imagery that are often used by others in ways counter to our mission and goals.


Cristina Ballantine – Mathematics and Computer Science

Sahar Bazzaz – History

Michael Beatty – Visual Arts

Rob Bellin – Biology

Rosa Elena Carrasquillo – History

Mary Conley – History

Barbara Craig – Theatre

Dave Damiano – Mathematics and Computer Science

Christopher Dustin – Philosophy

Mary Ebbott – Classics

Erika Fisher – Education

Mark Freeman – Psychology

Dan Frost – Spanish

Jennie Germann Molz – Sociology and Anthropology

Andrew Hwang – Mathematics and Computer Science

Ed Isser – Theatre

Alvaro Jarrin – Sociology and Anthropology

Timothy Joseph – Classics

Kathy Kiel – Economics and Accounting

Laurie King- Mathematics and Computer Science

Lynn Kremer – Theatre

Vickie Langohr – Political Science

Ann Marie Leshkowich – Sociology and Anthropology

Steve Levandosky – Mathematics and Computer Science

John Little – Mathematics and Computer Science

Scott Malia – Theatre

Gwenn Miller – History

Sara Mitchell – Biology

Tyler Mitchell – Mathematics and Computer Science

Jonathan Mulrooney – English

Tom Narita – Physics

Julia Paxson – Biology

Kevin Quinn – Chemistry

William Reiser, S.J. – Religious Studies

Gareth Roberts – Mathematics and Computer Science

Maria Rodrigues – Political Science

Claudia Ross – Modern Languages and Literatures

Constance Royden – Mathematics and Computer Science

Eric Ruggieri – Mathematics and Computer Science

Jodi Rymer – Biology

Jorge Santos Jr. – English

Lorelle Semley – History

Ann Sheehy – Biology

Edward Soares – Mathematics and Computer Science

Karen Turner – History

Madeline Vargas – Biology

Kelly Wolfe-Bellin – Biology

Stephanie Yuhl – History


Photograph courtesy of vocativ.com


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  1. Yeah. Weren’t there at least half a dozen Nazi scientists who were given Nobel Prizes in various fields of science? And just years prior, Germans were burning their currency for heat because it was almost worthless otaiewese.Sprhking of irony, didn’t those early Zionists use a lot of surplus German military hardware leftover from WW2?


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