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A Challenging Return to Normal

Julia Maher ‘23 Opinions Editor Since three promising vaccines have been approved by the FDA, the US—and college students—can expect a return back to normal life as soon as this summer. This has been long anticipated, especially among college students, whose lives have been uniquely impacted by the […]

The Search for Control

Grace Manning ’21 Opinions Editor After nearly a year of waiting for the light at the end of the pandemic’s long tunnel in the form of a vaccine, we fear, and question being vaccinated. This fear is not so much due to a distrust of the vaccine itself […]

The Loss of a Democracy

Grace Manning ’21 This past weekend, thousands of people in Myanmar participated en masse in peaceful protests, calling for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the National League for Democracy party. The party won the recent democratic elections, but military armed forces refused to […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy

Catherine Yaskira ‘24 Opinions Editor Rush Limbaugh died on Feb. 17. Some people, like Donald Trump, have mourned him: he gave a touching tribute to Fox News in honor of Rush in which he said, “Well, Rush thought we won, and so do I, by the way” and […]