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COPE Sets the Record Straight

Members of COPE Recently a student-run Instagram account called Erase the Stigma at Holy Cross was created with the intention of providing a platform for students to anonymously share their experiences with mental illness. Consequently, in an early February issue of The Spire, an article of the same […]

Pre-Oscars Predictions

Tyler Christiansen ’21 Opinions Editor The Oscars is every film-lover’s Super Bowl. It’s the movie event of the year, a day of celebration for all kinds of films: foreign, animated, short films and the teams behind the camera as well as in front. From this writer’s perspective, it […]

Spoiled Little Holy Cross Girls

Olivia Pan ’20 Chief Opinions Editor I’m sure I am not the first college student who has dealt with their fair share of disgusting dorm bathrooms that would send any normal person in search of a hazmat suit. However, most recently I came upon a truly peculiar and rather disturbing site […]