HERCampus x ProspHER Boss Babe Bootcamp

Gioia Guarino ‘23

Features Section Editor 

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, from 7 pm- 9 pm, Her Campus x ProspHER hosted the very first ‘Boss Babe Bootcamp!’ Held in the Hogan Ballroom, this uplifting event could not have come to fruition without two of many empowering female clubs on campus: Her Campus and HC ProspHER. The Boss Babe Bootcamp was an interactive ‘speed dating’ setup with tables that each had differing engaging activities for a limited time. While the girls enjoyed the tables, they also sat with reflecting questions such as ‘what does femininity mean to you?’ and ‘what is a Boss Babe to you?’ Open to anyone who RSVP’d via MyHC, the bootcamp allowed girls within the groups to collaborate amongst the rest of the Crusader community. 

Her Campus and ProspHER connect through similar goals, since both provide outlets for women’s voices on campus and uplift feminity for all communities of women, making for a perfect combination. The organizations work to connect through engaging campus events, driving the inspiration for the first-ever Boss Babe Bootcamp! The event promoted a community for women on the Holy Cross campus to bond, enjoy themselves, and remain mindful of how to prioritize their femininity!

Kim Avelar ’23, a fabulous 2022-2023 E-board member of HC ProspHER notes, “This event marked a promising beginning of gathering our Holy Cross community, and we cannot wait to do it again! The turnout that night was excellent. We created a space where people could gather to learn more about career development, have fun, and learn how to take care of themselves holistically. We want to thank all attendees for coming and engaging with us; we couldn’t have done it without them.” 

The night began with an opening mixer during which the attendees could mingle with one another enjoying beverages and snacks, all while Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights‘ and the rest of the playlist blasted through the speakers! The opening was a great success, and girls from varying grades connected and chatted about the importance of the night while eating catered cupcakes! 

Following the mixer was an introduction from both organizations’ E-boards! The lovely ladies introduced themselves and their respective clubs’ mission statements while highlighting the night’s itinerary. To kick off the event, the event coordinator’s led a meditation for the girls to prepare themselves for the fun activities, all while remembering the deeper reasoning behind them. Having the participants mentally reset before the event provided a calm, safe environment for everyone to feel present and comfortable. Remembering to prioritize mental well-being and knowing how to do so is essential, especially as young females in college. 

Once the activities began, the attendees were assigned a group on a paper in their gift bags, guiding them through the ‘speed dating’ style rotation. For about 15 minutes or so, the table leaders would explain the craft or discussion and allow the girls creative freedom. The tables included: journaling and meditation, tote bag making, vision board making, jewelry making, career center resources, a headshot station, and many more! Once the attendees finished their station, the room would rotate, repeating until the end of the night. When the tables began to wrap up, the raffle started; the event coordinators entered each attendee’s name for a chance to win an adorable wellness basket filled with goodies.

As a Her Campus Holy Cross staff writer and social media team member, my favorite part of the evening was meeting new girls and connecting over our shared excitement for the event! The room was bustling with laughter and eagerness to finish activities before the event coordinator’s called time. The turnout was better than we could imagine, and we have a glimmer of hope for the tradition to continue throughout future semesters!

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