Crusader of the Week: Eric Schon ’24

Photo courtesy of the College of the Holy Cross
Eric Schon ’24

Name: Eric Schon

Year: Junior

Hometown: Barrie, ON

Major: Accounting

Campus Activities: Eating at kimball

Favorite Movie: Dallas Buyers Club

Favorite Song: “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift

Favorite Singer/Group: Nirvana

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Sports Team: The Buffalo Bills

Favorite Class Taken at Holy Cross: Intro to International Relations with Steven Kocs

Favorite Professor: Professor Debra O’Connor

Item on HC Bucket List: Watching a fellow team win a Patriot League Championship

Biggest HC Regret: Not taking advantage of online classes

Embarrassing HC Moment: Slipping on the stairs in front of Fenwick during the winter time

Bragging Rights: Going to school in New England while the Patriots suck. I am a Buffalo Bills fan. Buffalo Bills numba 1!

Words to Live By: “Always put your best foot forward and give your best effort”

One Thing You Would Change at HC: Parking enforcement legislation

Favorite TV Show: The Sopranos

Favorite Book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Favorite Kimball Meal: General Tso’s 

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Black Iced Coffee with one pump of vanilla

Favorite Spot on Campus: Science Library

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: The Fix

Guilty Pleasure: Bevving

Some Small Things that Make Your Day Better: Seeing Christo Kelly every morning in Kimball

First Thing You Do When You Wake Up: Pee

Last Thing You Do Before Going to Bed: Read 10 pages of a book I enjoy

Favorite Place You Have Traveled To: Belize or Aruba

Role-Model: My mom

Something You Look Forward to When You Go Home: Seeing my boys and having home cooked meals

Post-Graduation Plans: Playing a career in the CFL before working in public accountancy

Favorite Memory at HC: Beating Fordham in overtime on Fitton Field in front of 20,000 people

Interviewed by Rea Nassif ’24

Features Editor

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