“Autumn Landscapes” Family Weekend Concert

Nicole Letendre ‘23

Chief Features Editor

Image courtesy of Nicole Letendre ’23
Autumn Landscapes Concert

On Friday, October 28th the Holy Cross College Choir performed an outstanding concert, aptly named “Autumn Landscapes,” in the newly finished Prior Performing Arts Center. The College Choir performed onstage in the new auditorium, a beautiful space with balcony seating and lovely acoustics. The choir sang a variety of music, including “Siigismaastikud,” “O Herbst,” “Floating Moon on the Water,” “Mid-Winter Songs,” “Troubled Water,” “Hold On,” “Wade in the Water,” “The Promise of Living,” and “Songs of Holy Cross and Alma Mater.” The audience was filled with students and family members, coming to hear the talented group perform. 

The song “Floating on the Moon” was particularly breathtaking. The College Choir sang the melody in its original Taiwanese language, in which it depicts a person troubled by a lost love as they gaze upon the moon’s reflection. The text hearkens to the autumn season, and the translation in the booklets were helpful for audience members to follow along with. Matthew Jaskot, a professor in the Holy Cross Music Department, played the piano, giving a lovely solo performance of “Troubled Water.” Dr. Gardner, director of College Choir, conducted the majority of the songs, and Mia Beviglia ’23, a music major and member of choir, acted as student conductor for the song “Hold On.” Rhiannon Hurst ’25 gave a jaw-dropping solo performance of “Wade in the Water.” The tone of her voice, powerful in some places and softer in others, made for such a beautiful performance. At the end of the song, you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium, as everyone was blown away by her gorgeous voice. It was absolutely captivating. 

The concert “Autumn Landscapes” was a magnificent reflection of the autumn season, and audience members seemed impressed and captivated by the wonderful music. The Prior Performing Arts Center was the perfect location for this special event, and I’m sure many friends, family, and students of the performers will be back for the next concert! If you were able to attend this event, I’m sure you noticed the high level of talent and dedication that these students invested into their concert. There are many more opportunities to experience what the Music Department has to offer, with the Holy Cross Orchestra Concert on 11/16 at 8PM, Holy Cross Chamber Singers Concert on 11/18 at 8PM, the Chamber Music Recital on 11/30 at 8PM, and many others to come. I highly encourage you to attend some of these amazing events and hope to see you there!

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