Fresh Check Day

Gioia Guarino ’23

Features Editor

Image courtesy of holycrosscope Instagram
Fresh Check Flyer

Fresh Check Day returned to the Hoval on Tuesday, September 27th, from 12 pm-3 pm, offering activities for the student body with the common motive of spreading mental health awareness. Led by COPE, the event offered numerous activities, games, free food, and tables hosted by other campus-run clubs and organizations. 

The Jordan Porco Foundation, organized by the parents of Jordan Porco, who lost his life to suicide, began Fresh Check Day to reinforce the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. The Foundation works nationwide to educate students on suicide prevention, spreading awareness and emphasizing the resources available on college campuses. FCD promotes that there is always a helping hand, a listening ear, and an open heart. 

While often stigmatized by society, the FCD fair reminds our student body that prioritizing mental health is crucial. The fair is an important and beneficial event to advertise the numerous outreach programs on campus, offering engaging activities and comforting modes of support/communication. 

Jessica Toscano ’23, an active member of COPE, noted that “it was incredible to see such an amazing turnout for the event. Fresh Check Day is all about raising awareness for mental health and, more specifically, about suicide prevention and awareness. As more people entered the Hoval to check out FCD, we were able to spread information about resources on campus that students can use for their mental health.” Her insight reinforces how the fair provided information on the endless support Holy Cross offers to its student body. 

The Crusader turnout was impressive, and the therapy dogs in attendance warmly greeted them. Always a success, the dogs provide comfort, support, and a well-needed mental break to students from their daily routines. It was amazing to witness students’ smiles as they interacted with the puppies across the Hoval, enjoying the mental clarity fur friends provide. 

Catherine Bopp ’23, an attendee of the fair, had a great experience. When asked why the event was influential, she replied, “it was effective for the community because it brought a greater awareness to students on mental health and the opportunities to get help right here on campus for free.” From the numerous booths providing mental health focused activities to the prizes and food, the event had something for everyone in attendance. 

Number for the counseling center: (508) 793-3363

Holy Cross 24-hour Crisis Center number: (855-418-7282)

National Suicide Help Line: (800-273-8225)

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