Attention Seniors: Become a Part of the Senior Class Gift

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor

Photo courtesy of Sarah Cooper ‘23 and Jaime Perez ‘23
Holy Cross Class of 2023

Every year, the senior class is encouraged to donate to the Senior Class Gift. This year, the Senior Class Gift Co-Chairs are Sarah Cooper and Jaime Perez, and they are determined to encourage all seniors to participate in fundraising. It does not take much to be considered a participant. Students only have to donate one dollar. What is important to note about the senior class gift is that each donation is specific to the person providing the donation. What this means is that each student can choose what they would like their donation to go to. Every member of the senior class has something on campus that they are passionate about, and participating in the senior class gift can help you “pay-it-forward” for future generations of Holy Cross students to enjoy what you benefited from during your time on the hill. 

There are two major pools that donations are placed into: The Holy Cross Fund and the Crusader Athletics Fund. The Holy Cross Fund accepts donations that go towards Financial Aid, Faith and Service, Academics, the Bishop Healy Fund, the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Fund, Emergency Relief Fund, and the Sustainability Fund. Additionally, the Crusader Athletics Fund is a great opportunity for athletes to give back to the programs that they participated in. These pools encompass a large portion of what makes Holy Cross special. This is why it is so imperative for seniors to begin to consider the ways in which they hope to give back to the community that they have benefited from so that others will be able to have the same–if not better–experience through these donations. 

There are several ways to actually make your donation. There is a link that will allow you to donate at any time: www.holycross.edu/seniorgift, or you can donate at some of the social events that the Senior Class Gift Committee will be hosting such as several Pub Nights and other socials throughout the year. Students are welcome to donate up until June 30, 2023. There are also personal benefits to donating. If a student makes a donation of $100–through either a one-time payment or a monthly recurring payment–before June 30, 2022, then they automatically become a member of the President’s Council. The President’s Council is an alumni-based group that hosts various receptions and networking events. This essentially allows you to involve yourself in the extensive alumni network that Holy Cross is known for. You will have opportunities to meet like-minded alumni who may even work in a field you are interested in. 

If you are interested in participating in the Senior Class Gift, or you have any questions, feel free to contact Siobhan Kiernan ‘21 (skiernan@holycross.edu), Sarah Cooper ‘23 (smcoop23@g.holycross.edu) or Jaime Perez ‘23 (jmpere23@g.holycross.edu)

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