Twist and Shout: The Goodtime Marching Band has a New Member! 

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor

This weekend as students, alumni, and families take the stands to watch Holy Cross’s homecoming football game; there will be many familiar sites and sounds. Families will be singing “Mamie Reilly” and chanting “Go Cross Go!” There will be tailgates and touchdown t-shirts. However, a new member is playing a role in the game day this year. Maggie Hannick ‘23 is filling a new role within Holy Cross’s Good Time Marching Band. Her official title is: Holy Cross GoodTime Marching Band Official Hype Person, and as her name suggests, she will be bringing the hype to the stands. Her official uniform is top secret and will be revealed at Saturday’s game. 

One of Maggie’s responsibilities as Official Hype Person is to distribute the Good Time Marching Band’s “Band Swag” during the football games. The Band Swag is also new this year and is essentially Good Time Marching Band Merch. The merch includes “Goodtime” water bottles, sunglasses, t-shirts, and stickers, along with “Holy Cross Bands” hats! Maggie will be distributing new “Goodtime Marching Band Super Fan” shirts through a t-shirt launcher to enthusiastic students and fans during the game. She will accompany the band throughout the day, beginning with their traditional walk through campus on the morning of game day, where students can hear the band playing from their dorms. She will also accompany them during the “Cross Walk” in which the band plays music through the tailgate and is followed by the cheer team and football team. The band and cheer team escort the football team to their locker room from the tailgate. 

Photo courtesy of Abby Hoyt ’23, Band President

Aside from their new member, the Goodtime Marching Band also has a new halftime show, and the theme is: The Beatles. Their set list for this performance includes: Twist and Shout, Hey Jude, Can’t Buy Me Love, and Magical Mystery Tour. The band arrived on campus a week prior to first-year move-in for their week-long Band Camp, where they designated their days learning their new music and movements for the upcoming halftime show. Although these days were extremely challenging–especially in the heat–the band made sure they had their fair share of fun. One night during band camp, they participated in a retreat that allowed them to strengthen their bonds with one another and form new friendships with new members. They also documented their many funny moments on their Tik Tok page: @holycrossbands, which was created by their head of social media, Annie Clark ‘24. The band has many new and exciting things ahead this year, but I do not want to spoil them all. Attend this weekend’s football game to catch a glimpse of some of their many surprises. 

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