Gioia Guarino ‘23

Features Staff Writer

Sponsored by the Purple Key Society, each Recognized Student Organization (RSO) and club on campus presented their passions this past Saturday, Sept. 10., during the Co-Curricular Extravaganza. Located at the Hart Center Arena, the fair had designated tables for current members to welcome new prospects, blast music, and participate in a giveaway. Inviting returning members and new prospectives alike, this event gave the Crusader community a chance to explore new opportunities driven by creativity and collaboration. 

Despite the eagerness for involvement, students were also inclined to attend due to the various freebies  and Purple Pride enthusiasm. For the first 300 crusaders to attend, students were given campus chairs in addition to opportunities to join new clubs. Food is a staple present at the Hoval and various College of the Holy Cross-sponsored events, the extravaganza being no exception. The fair offered food trucks outside of Hart —  no tickets necessary — providing the students with tasty Italian paninis and street tacos! 

The Hart Center also offered a viewing area above the fair for those eager to view the Holy Cross Football team play Buffalo. The live stream began at 6:00 p.m., allowing a perfect balance between campus involvement and a viewing party. 

As a fellow member of Her Campus Holy Cross, I attended the fair as a returnee to the female-based online magazine and as a new  member of The Spire. Being able to experience the fair as both a  current and prospective member allowed me to view Holy Cross’s  various offerings with an open mind. I realized that even as a senior, involvement is never too late; if anything, it is encouraged. During the three hour event, I looked over the Her Campus table during my time slot, collaborating with prospective female members and encouraging their participation. Representing a club I am passionate about to first and second-year students reinforced my purpose as a member and why I dedicate time to writing, and it was not just me who felt this way.

Ethan McGrath ‘23, who represented the Student Art Society, expressed the inclusivity of his organization and creativity as a whole. He explained, “this creative group provides a fun and engaging environment for all, no matter your art skills.” Appealing to artists and those just interested in expressing themselves, he ensures that the club will host chalk events and sketchbook meetings throughout the year. 

Each club expressed its pride with a poster board of respective detailed information, candy, and stickers for those in attendance! It was amazing to see the turnout from various students on campus; From first-year students to seniors, athletes to artists, all the Crusaders represented their designated organization(s).

Photo courtesy of Gioia Guarino ’23

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