In “SHAPE” for a Healthy Semester: Outreach Goals for the Fall

Nicole Letendre ’23

Chief Features Editor

Students of SHAPE (Student Health Awareness Peer Educators) work to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices on campus, as they organize and participate in various forms of outreach and programming throughout the year. Topics of interest include fitness, nutrition, mental health, cancer awareness, flu, and cold seasonal education, and more. Last year, SHAPE met with a representative from DetecTogether and received education on early cancer detection, an important education they were able to share with the larger Holy Cross community. 

Additionally, SHAPE will often organize booths in Hogan Campus Center, where they hand out free items to promote health and well-being, such as sunscreen, eye drops, toothbrushes, dental floss, calming face masks, and even more. SHAPE is advised by Darlene Menz, MS, CNP, ANP-BC, and Ann E. Zimage, RN BSN, of Holy Cross Health Services. Just this past Saturday, September 10th, SHAPE represented their mission and worked to recruit new students at the Co-curricular Extravaganza, which was held in the Luth Athletic Complex. Over forty students, including many pre-health and pre-med students, signed up to apply for SHAPE, making for a successful recruitment. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole Letendre ’23
SHAPE poster

Looking toward the Fall 2022 semester, SHAPE has many exciting plans and outreach goals for the year. On September 27th, SHAPE plans to participate in Holy Cross’s annual Fresh Check Day, a campus-wide event that raises awareness for mental health. This event is hosted by COPE (Counseling Outreach Peer Educators) along with the Counseling Center and will include interactive booths, food, and prizes. Fresh Check Day is such an important event on-campus and reminds students to prioritize their mental health and check-in with themselves and others. 

SHAPE is also planning on assisting with the annual Holy Cross flu clinics, which will be held on September 29th in Hogan Ballroom from 12pm-7pm, as well as on October 6th from 9am-5pm. Last year, SHAPE handed out free items, such as travel-sized tissues, calming sheet face masks, tea bags, and more! As people entered and exited the flu clinic, they interacted with the SHAPE booth and chatted with these peer educators. SHAPE hopes to participate in this event again and continue raising awareness of the importance of prioritizing your health and getting your flu vaccination if you are able. 

If you are a pre-health or pre-med student or just passionate about various health topics, consider applying to be in SHAPE. SHAPE consistently strives to engage the Holy Cross community with fun and educational programming opportunities. To apply, or send suggestions for outreach, which are always welcome, please email: shape@g.holycross.edu. If you see SHAPE members on campus, be sure to stop and say hi! 

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