Peep My Crib: A Carlin Double

Caroline Muniz ’23

Features Editor

Check out this beautiful gem of a dorm room in Carlin! Their dorm has an immaculate theme and peaceful vibes like no other. 

Alexis Berard ‘23 and Cloe Bridge ‘23 have a unique layout with the regular communal living space of Carlin, but only one connecting room instead of the normal two! They still have the couch, two chairs and a coffee table that inhabit the average Carlin living room space. However, they are the only two people who share this room, “When I spotted this one, we were excited to see that we would have a common room with just the two of us,” said Bridge. 

The decor is the true highlight of this room. Hanging in their living room above the television, guests are welcomed with a banner of a tiny frog framed with twinkling lights. The simplicity of this space makes it very welcoming. “My favorite part is the couch in the common room. It is a nice place to sit and do work, eat breakfast, and hang out with friends,” said Bridge. 

Berard and Bridge came into this room with a general theme: agriculture and a natural environment. “We like green space and the natural stuff,” said Berard. The color palette consists of earthy tones that create a peaceful atmosphere. They have posters of different types of plants and fruits, and even some movie posters that go with the theme. They also have lots of different lights that make the room shine with different golden tones at night. 

They also get to have the stunning view of the city of Worcester. They get to listen to the sounds of the city as they relax or do their homework. “I love how big the windows are with our Worcester view,” said Berard. 

Although it is not the average room in Carlin, Berard and Bridge have created a wonderful ambiance in their space that turned the bare walls of a college dorm into a true home.

Photos Courtesy of the Residents

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