Crusader of the Week: Kenneth Wong ‘24

Major: History and Classics 

Hometown: Hong Kong/Britain 

Dorm: The Edge 

Campus activities: St Peter and St Paul Society, Philosophy Club, Pax Christi, Manuscripts Club, Classics Club 

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Food, Socialising, Jogging, Visiting Cathedrals, Museums Favorite course: Classical Drama, Early Church 

Why you picked Holy Cross: Close-knit Catholic community 

What you would change about Holy Cross: A greater variety of (authentic) food in Kimball Skill you hope to learn: Latin/Greek, German and serving the community Cool Beans order: Iced latte with skim milk 

Favorite Kimball meal: Pizza 

Study spot on campus: Dinand and Hogan 

Best place on campus: St. Joseph Chapel 

Best place in Worcester: Sushi Miyazawa 

What you miss from home: Food, especially Dim Sums 

Best place you have traveled to: York, England; Kyoto, Japan 

Place you want to travel: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia 

Favorite childhood book: William Golding’s Lord of the File

Favorite book now: Chris Wickham’s Medieval Europe 

Favorite author: Andrew Marr; Terry Eagleton 

Favorite television show: Netflix’s The Crown; BBC’s Sherlock Holmes 

Favorite movie: French Exit 

Favorite musical artist: Ed Sheeran 

Favorite sport: Cricket 

Favorite sports team: Obviously New England Patriots 

Role model: Jesus Christ, CS Lewis 

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Wong ’24

Words to live by: Carpe Diem 

What you’re most grateful for: Being myself 

Your definition of success: Follow the flow 

Bucket list item: More books, more friends and more travelling 

Advice to past self: Be more talkative and compassionate 

Advice to future self: Never stop learning how to be better 

Plans after graduation: PhD — pursuing academia and non-profit work

Interview Conducted by Owen Whaley ’24, Features Editor

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