Cheerleading Team Spirits for UMASS Cancer Walk

Nicole Letendre ’23

Chief Features Editor

On Sunday, Oct. 17,  the Holy Cross Cheerleading Team spirited for the UMASS Cancer Walk at Polar Park. Members of the cheer team were enthusiastic and supportive as the walk began, shaking their poms and cheering on participants. There were over 3,000 walkers and runners showing their support for loved ones who had battled cancer, with many of these groups wearing matching t-shirts and bringing positive and enthusiastic energy to the event. The Holy Cross Cheerleading team sported matching t-shirts as well, with the front reading “Holy Cross Cheer Fights Cancer For…” and the back of the t-shirt listing the many names of family and friends of the team who had battled cancer. The HC Cheer team befriended the Little Challengers, a youth cheer team, and the two spent time cheering together, with the HC Cheer team even lending pom poms to the Little Challengers. Overall, the event was filled with joy and support of those who had battled cancer, and it was a truly memorable event for everyone involved. After sending off the walkers and runners, the Cheer team relocated to the finish line to cheer on those who were beginning to finish. Co-Captain Molly Murphy ’22 summed up the event beautifully: “Spiriting at the UMASS Medical Cancer Walk as a team was such a moving experience. I know that it’s an important cause for a lot of girls on the team, so it was heartwarming to see us all come together, support each other, and cheer on the participants in the walk. The event itself and the amount of money that the organization raises for cancer research is so inspirational, and I’m really glad that HC Cheer had the opportunity to be part of it. We’re looking forward to participating in similar events as a team in the future.” The Holy Cross Cheerleading team was grateful to be a part of this important event and would like to participate in future fundraising events. This article is dedicated with love and support to those who have battled cancer, and for all those affected by cancer in some way.

Photos Courtesy of Nicole Letendre ’23

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