In Solidarity with Those Affected by Zoombombing Incident

The Spire stands in solidarity with those affected by the racist Zoombombing incident in a Holy Cross class. Racism in the learning environment is unacceptable whether the class is in person or online. The classroom should be a safe place for everyone to learn. No one should have to go to class worried about facing hate. 

The Spire believes that the gravity of the situation needs to be acknowledged. We need to have conversations when incidents like this occur so that we can maintain a diverse, inclusive, and safe community. Silence, ignorance, and inaction would allow this hate to compromise the integrity of our school and community. The College’s mission statement says that we are “men and women for and with others.” To live up to this, we call for a response that is genuine and active rather than just performative.

Graphic by Hui Li ’21 and Simeon Lloyd Wingard ’21

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