Father Boroughs Talks Faith

Matt Anderson ‘21

Big Music Guy

PSA: This article was written well before Father Buroughs announced he would be stepping down in June. We wish him good luck in the future, and want to thank him for his grace and his position, and to apologize for him having to put up with us at the Eggplant.

In an exclusive letter to the Eggplant, Holy Cross’ premier news outlet, Father Boroughs talks faith. 

Members of the campus community, 

This is a semester of challenges. And while it is with an amazing sense of sadness and deep regret that we start this fall in a way similar to what the blessed St. Ignatius called a communitas ad dispersionem,* I continue to be amazed by stories of our communities resiliency. Many of us are people of faith, who believe that God is with us in both our low and high moments to bring a renewed sense of hope. And it was hope that I felt when I heard two of the young people among our shrunken campus community discussing “WAP.”

Being unfamiliar with the term, I pressed these futures donors to the College what “WAP” meant. Eventually, they hesitantly admitted that it meant “Worship and Prayer.” I was awestruck by the religiosity of so young a pair, and they assured me that many on-campus– nay!– many across the country were talking about WAP. While the past months have been hard ones on all of us, I am overjoyed at this great awakening, this potential return of the young people to Faith.

In an effort to help with this process, and to further deepen the Faith of our campus community, here is an excerpt from an intro of one of my go-to prayers. It is guaranteed to ensure a good WAP session:

God in this house

There’s some God in this house

There’s some God in this house

There’s some God in this house

I Said Glorified to Speak, seven days a week

Worship and prayer, make that Atheism game weak,

Woo (Ah)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

Yeah, you devoted to some worship and prayer

Bring a priest and a Bible for this worship and prayer

Give me everything you got for this worship and prayer


Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.


*a community dispersed, yet one

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