Halloween Movies to Watch Explained by as if Only the Title was Known

Here is a list of recommended Halloween movies to watch over fall break explained as if only the title was known with no background information what-so-ever.

  1. Beetlejuice: a lovely cooking movie featuring the long history of making juice from beetles featuring Julia Childs! 
  2. The Craft: a movie about a knitting circle of old friends who occasionally sell their wares at church events
  3. Practical Magic: a movie about only having magical powers that relate to household chores and the ability to communicate in a workplace setting 
  4. Twitches: a movie about Twin Witches duh!
  5. The Addams Family: a movie about one dysfunctional family’s exploits as they cope with the fact that most people and governmental organizations spell their name “Adams” on ALL IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. 
  6. Disturbia: Rihanna’s 2007 hit song in movie format
  7. Monsters Inc: a hard-hitting documentary about the companies of the fossil fuel industry
  8. Ghostbusters: a movie about one group’s efforts to rebrand the long-gone home video store, Blockbusters by jokingly asserting that VHS tapes are in fact, ghosts. 
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas: a how-to-guide movie for what to do when you ordered all of your family’s gifts on Amazon and even though, they were supposed to arrive three days ago, only your grandma’s gift shows up. 
  10. Edward Scissorhands: a movie about one immigrant’s efforts to change his name after a mistake at Ellis Island. 

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