Pub Safe Blotter: Real or Fake News?

Read the following pub safe logs and guess if they are real incidents reported in old editions of the Spire/Crusader, or made up by the editors of the Spire.

1. Fieldhouse: Public safety was advised that there were students sitting in a laundry cart, riding down the hill by the side of the fieldhouse. All parties were gone upon arrival

2. Dinand: Student accidentally left in Dinand stacks during the night called for lights to be turned back on. The student was escorted from the building despite protests.

3. Williams Hall: A noise disturbance was reported. An officer was sent to “restore quality of life”

4. Wheeler Hall: student reported heater was on too high; will use fan for the night and call back in the morning

5. Fenwick: The Fenwick elevator was not working, students requested alternate escort to Rehm but were advised to take the stairs.

6. Mulledy Hall: A suspicious odor, likely reminiscent of drugs, not hugs, was reported

7. Hogan Campus Center: The internet was down and a student reported being unable to finish her “really important” essay; internet was restored before officers arrived.

8. Mulledy Hall: RA called to report that a large number of students were congregating in a 3 East room- turned out to be an Orgo study session.

9. Clark Hall: An RA reported a “wacky weed smell” emanating from a dorm; nothing was found

10. Lehy Hall: RA calls for assistance after a student refuses to give up his beer-pong table

11. Healy Hall: A student called to report their room was still cold despite turning the heat up. The dispatched officers discovered the student’s roommate had turned the heat back down without telling his roommate.

12. Off-Campus: Caro St. happenings

Answer Key: 1.Real   2.Fake 3.Real 4.Real    5.Fake 6.Real 7. Fake  8.Fake 9.Real 10. Real 11.Fake   12. Real

0-2 Correct: Freshman

3-5 Correct: Sophomore

6-8 Correct: Junior

9-11 Correct: Senior

12 Correct: Chief of Pub Safe

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