A Typical Springtime Day for a Holy Cross Student

Henry Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

Springtime at Holy Cross: what a glorious time! You look out from your dorm room to see blue skies and the sun shining bright on the rolling hills of Mount Saint James. You put on your best spring outfit, lacking anything that could even be loosely called a jacket or coat, which is replete with colors and shining with optimism, and you embrace the new day on our especially bright campus.

You open the door and are met with a slightly chillier greeting than you anticipated but it isn’t enough to stop you in your tracks. Not ten steps later, you begin to hear it: the howling winds of Holy Cross are chasing you. You try to walk faster to beat the menace from rustling your perfectly planned outfit, but alas, the inevitable still comes. An all too familiar powerful gust of wind hits your back, nearly making you fall over and drop your Holy Cross themed water bottle, your Holy Cross themed purple backpack, and your cell phone with a Holy Cross themed popsocket.

Wind begins to come at you mercilessly and you start to shiver. It seems that you have forgotten the most important rule at Holy Cross-never think that it won’t be windy out, it always is, regardless of whether it is the heat of August or in the coldness of January. Every Holy Cross freshman does it at some point and is left shivering and sprinting to their next class to escape. Your once fitting spring outfit has now left you vulnerable to the wind tunnel that is College Hill.

After successfully making it to your academic building, you compose yourself. Although the start to your day has slightly knocked you off course, you make it to your classroom and start to regain the confidence you had at the beginning of the day. After taking your seat, your professor comes out and says the last thing any students wants to hear, “Clear your desks, pop quiz today.”   

This article appeared in the annual satire edition of the Spire.

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