The Year without a Snow Day

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Colleges of the Worcester Consortium have been forced year after year to close facilities and cancel classes due to inclement weather. But, this academic year might be the exception. Minimal snowfall has occurred and it doesn’t look like that is going to change before Spring Break comes along. Given these circumstances, administrators at The College of the Holy Cross have come together and unanimously decided to designate at least one class day this semester as a snow day.  We decided to take to the streets and gauge people’s opinions on the announcement.

Director of Housing, Ryan Grant, was quoted in regard to these plans: “That’s a recipe for disaster.” But, others in the community have elicited different responses. Ivana of Lower Kimball’s Habaneros was overheard saying, “Snow days are the best, I don’t have any problem with this solution.”  The leader of the charge for a pre-scheduled snow day (whether there’s snow or not), Fr. Boroughs, explained that, “we always tell our campus community to ask more and be men and women for others, well I think we can all agree giving everyone a spontaneous day off is the best way to do that.” When asked to elaborate on his quote, Boroughs responded, “look, we all just want a day off on a random Tuesday. Come on. What else do you want me to say?”  Frankly, we at the Eggplant couldn’t agree more.

Unsurprisingly, unlike the faculty and staff, students have had almost entirely positive responses to the plan.   We talked to Junior, Pat Mullery, who remarked, “ahhh [sic] looks like an extra night to go out. I love the idea. I just hope I don’t fall down any hills.”  Others touted the finer details like having more time to do homework or catch up on much needed rest. However, there were some dissenters. Sophomore Joe Doerr had a more cynical view, saying, “hot take, but snow days are so overrated, we don’t need any.”

Overall, agree with it or not, this is the direction the college is going.  One can only wonder: Where does it stop? Who’s to say we don’t have two or three pre-scheduled snow days in the future? Some radical idealists have even suggested making a “snow day” become the default from the beginning of the semester until spring break, and only on rare occasions have a “school day.”  In the end these discussions are just one example of the brilliant innovation going on in our community, and we should all appreciate it.

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