Cultivating a Culture of Apathy: Demanding More

Emily Kulp ’19

Chief Copy Editor

Weeks have passed since the historic, Holy Cross sit-in that occurred asking the faculty of the college for more of, well… everything. More transparency, more action, more interaction, and more justice. Although the sit-in was a direct response to Professor Dustin’s sexual misconduct and the way the administration handled it, the implications of the sit-in were more, at least in my opinion. It made me, as a student, realize that this was one of the first events of this capacity so widely attended by Holy Cross students. For a school that brands itself as a social-justice oriented community, why do so many of the students seem to be fine living in a culture of apathy on campus?

This does not apply to everyone by any means; this school has a core group of students who create and cultivate social justice movements on campus. These are the kinds of students who drew me to the school in the first place, and the sit-in reminded me that I have fallen victim to the apathetic norm more often than I would like to admit. It has become so normal and natural to ignore the things that happen both on campus and in the world that need to be dealt with and weird or other to get involved and try to make a difference amongst lots of social circles on campus.

Yes, an impressive number of students volunteer with groups like SPUD or CBL, both wonderful programs with many different options to get started with social justice. However, attending a site in Worcester or volunteering with groups that come to campus once or twice a week is not enough. Volunteering is a great starting point, but social justice cannot start and end with it. We, as a campus, have to step up and speak out, regardless of the repercussions from our peers. In order to start caring about the important things, we have to stop caring about what our friends think. So what if it is weird to attend a Feminist Forum meeting? If you care about it, make your voice heard and start attending meetings! It is high time we stopped turning a blind eye.

There are opportunities for leadership and support everywhere on campus. Start reading Co-Announcement emails, start going to meetings and attending discussions. Become an RPE or an MPE, run for SGA, or attend a club meeting of something that interests you. Get involved, make your voice heard, because we are so privileged to attend this school and have a voice at all. Bring a friend to make you feel more comfortable, or even better, go alone and talk to someone new at a meeting or discussion. The most change happens when we step out of our comfort zones and into the unknown.

It is time to stop letting our inboxes overflow with emails we are just going to delete without bothering to open. Seeing the turnout at the sit-in made me realize that Holy Cross students are willing to make a difference; we just need to remind ourselves why we are here in the first place, and what it means to be a member of the community that is “for and with others.”

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