Tent at 175th Anniversary Picnic Catches Alternative Housing Coalition’s Eye…

Chris Shakespeare

Eggplant Editor 

Record breaking first year student enrollment has begun to manifest itself as a trend at The College of the Holy Cross. Many changes have occured on campus in response to the staggering number of incoming first year students this year. In order to more adequately accommodate students who have been relocated to forced triples, the Administrators in the Residence Life and Housing department implemented new dormitory assignments for each class. Notably, Wheeler Hall has become a second year residence hall. While the rooms may be long and narrow, Wheeler Hall’s location is prime. A number of former Wheeler Hall residents have been quoted as saying they praise Wheeler’s proximity to the Science Complex and Dinand Library as well as the ease of access to off-campus parties.

With knowledge of this acclaim in mind and after careful analysis of reports provided by Residence Life and Housing, Father Burroughs began to seek members for his Alternative Housing Coalition (AHC) last Spring. In the beginning Burroughs was unsure of what The Coalition would come up with given the myriad locations and various architectural styles already present on campus, but Friday evening brought with it a revelation.

In a strange turn of events, the AHC meeting schedule for September 14 was relocated to The College of the Holy Cross’ 175th Anniversary Picnic. AHC made it clear from the beginning that they would leave no stone unturned, and given recent developments it is evident that AHC was not joking. Rave reviews of the picnic lead AHC to consider each aspect of the picnic on a compartmentalized basis. The Coalition agreed that the food was fantastic, the entertainment was to die for, and the decorations were superb. But most of all, when Burroughs asked students “What do you think of this tent?” between sips of his lime flavored seltzer, they responded in a positive manner.  

On Monday The Coalition announced that they had finalized plans to move forward with constructing a large tent that would house over 150 first year students at a small press release on Linden Lane. It was AHC’s intention to provide first year students with a residence tent that was not only close to the academic buildings, but in the words of Burroughs a location that would make it easy for first year students to “blow off some steam on the weekend,” clearly referencing Linden Lane’s proximity to the lot. What little information we do have at this time speaks measures of AHC’s character. The fall of 2019 will undoubtedly bring with it a large first year enrollment as well as a first year residence tent on Linden Lane. Speculators claim that the acclaimed Stick Work will be converted to an environmentally friendly lavatory in the early days of Father Burroughs’ brainchild, the Linden Tent.  

Photo by Hui Li

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