5 of the Best Pieces for Transitioning from Fall to Winter

Alexandra Smith

Chief Culture Editor


Everyone knows that fall is the “New Year”  of the fashion world. New York Fashion Week marks the beginning of seeing all of your favorite celebrities transitioning from wearing the newest trends in denim shorts to layering their trendiest sweaters, dresses, and boots (even though the clothes being presented at all of the shows are a season ahead). It’s undoubtedly more fun to put together outfits when the temperature requires more pieces of clothing to stay warm. Winter fashion, however, can seem not nearly as exciting. When you’re making the trek from Stein to Hogan in a blizzard, you’re more worried about staying somewhat dry and not breaking your ankle from falling on ice than you are about what your outfit looks like. It seems (and probably is) better to just throw on sweatpants with your heaviest coat and snow boots than try to put together any sort of coherent outfit. That being said, I find winter depressing enough as it is, so if I can find pieces that allow me to stay warm and have the quality of seeming like I care a little about what I look like, I’m all for it. Here are five pieces that I think do just that:


  1. Ugg Kepler Leather Boots


These are actually snowshoes masquerading as cute black boots. They match perfectly with the black jeans I wear every other day in the winter and they’re Ugg brand, so you know the inside is warm and comfortable. White boots were the trend of the fall, but considering this is their first comeback since girls wore go-go boots in the 1960s, you can assume they’ll be going out soon and they definitely won’t be good in the snow anyway. Uggs are also known to be super durable, so you’ll have them all four years on the hill.


2) Madewell Swing Coat


This coat is ideal for when you want your entire body covered for the walks across campus in the snow and the salmon hue it comes in is a perfectly appropriate color for winter, but isn’t completely dark and dreary. It also looks loose enough that you could layer five sweaters under it if you had to. The coat is on sale for 30 percent off right now and Madewell takes an additional discount off in stores if you show your student ID with purchase.


3) Theory 2.0 Pull on Pant


The pull on pant comes in black but also in this track print that looks extremely comfy. I personally LOVE that track pants are now being perceived as acceptable workwear. Theory is known for making quality staple pieces that never go out of style so even though these pants are expensive, you can trust that you’ll have them forever.


4) H&M Satin Maxi Dress


This dress comes in sterling silver, which Vogue Paris claims is “in” for winter and is currently on sale at hm.com for $12.99. It looks like it is perfect for a holiday party, but can also be dressed down with tall boots, a chunky cardigan and a t-shirt (or cool bodysuit) underneath. Satin slip dresses have been popular for a while, but are still being shown in most designers’ Resort collections for 2018 so it looks like they some longevity.


5) Current Joys Denim Corset


Even though I know that not everyone shares my love for the canadian tuxedo, just like a good pair of jeans, denim shirts can be worn during any season and this denim corset looks super fun to layer with. Putting a t-shirt underneath (as seen here), and a leather jacket or flannel over it will be effortless and cool.

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