Crusader of the Week: Hannah McGuire, ’19

Hometown: Newton, MA

Major: English

Best Dorm: Mulledy

Favorite Holy Cross Class: Superheros and the Self with Professor Santos

Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: 3

Favorite Animal: Llama/ Meerkat

Favorite Book: Beatlebone by Kevin Barry

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie: The Boss Baby

Favorite TV Shows: “The Office,” “Girls,” “Big Mouth,” “Veep”

Favorite Meal on Campus: Lower Kimball Grilled Cheese

Favorite Professor and Why?: Professor Catherine Thompson. She taught me an entirely new way to approach reading, writing, and analyzing for all subjects.

Favorite Freshman Student: Jenny Freud

Favorite Sophomore Student: Matthew Cummings

Favorite Junior Student: Sean Manning

Favorite Senior Student: Corey Scannell

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: The Fix

Biggest Regrets at Holy Cross: Believing for the majority of my freshman year that you only get eight swipes a week in upper kimball.

Embarrassing Story: Falling down a flight of stairs in front of a massive crowd of people.

Best Memory of Holy Cross: The Outdoor Edge.

Campus Activities: RPE, HC Capital, WCHC Radio

Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift

Bragging Rights: I got hit in the head with a HC Varsity Hockey puck while watching a game!

Pet Peeve: When people use their dining dollars wisely.

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Iced cold brew.

Number One Thing On Your HC Bucket List: Meet the Hanselman ghost.

Your Mantra:  Weird is good.


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