Make the Most of Fall Break

Anamika Dutta

Culture Editor

Fall break could not have come fast enough. For the student body, the past few weeks have been filled with midterms, essays, projects, and presentations, not to mention other extracurricular and athletic commitments. Cool Beans’ midnight business was through the roof and grateful students lined up in the Lobby Shop to buy Awake caffeinated chocolate bars. Finally, the sleepless nights are over (for a week, at least) and we can enjoy our October break. Of course, everyone can take advantage of sleeping in until noon and watching all the series premieres that we did not have time to see in the past few weeks. But aside from relaxing and staying in bed, there are plenty of other ways to spend the next week making the most of fall, family, and friends.

  • Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking

‘Tis the season for crisp fall air and farms full of fresh apples and pumpkins. Take a day trip out to a local farm near you and explore pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Hearing the leaves crunch under your feet as you pick fruit with friends and family is the best way to get into fall mode. Not to mention the hot cider, apple cider doughnuts, caramel apples, and pies that await you once your bags are full of apples. Once you’re done with your daytrip, think of all the delicious desserts that can be made with your fruits! Apple crisp, pumpkin pies, pumpkin cheesecake, or even just baked apples with cinnamon and sugar — load up on desserts that you can bring back to school with you (if they even last that long).  

  • See Fall Color

One of the best parts about fall is seeing all the leaves change from green to yellow, red, orange, and brown. Although you can enjoy the fall color in many areas around the country, those of us in New England are lucky enough to live in one of the most renowned areas for fall color. If you’re in the area, take a daytrip out to New Hampshire or Vermont and spend time enjoying the peaceful and beautiful nature around us. Some suggestions for peak foliage viewing include: The Berkshires, MA, Green Mountain Byway, VT, and the Kancamagus Highway, NH.

  • Carve Pumpkins

Get a head start on Halloween festivities this year by practicing your pumpkin carving! Designs you can try include: skeletons, fire (with lights inside the pumpkin to make it even more realistic), twisting vines, or the classic haunted face. Or, if carving pumpkins isn’t really of interest to you, try just carving the top off of a mini pumpkin and turning it into a vase. You can even paint on the pumpkin instead of carving, using designs such as Starry Night, scarecrows, or spiders. Whatever you choose, try bringing it back to campus and putting it by your window for extra Halloween spirit!

Use the next week to catch up on sleep, spend time with family and friends, and check out these suggestions to make the most of your fall break!



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