Eggplant: Flash Drives Making a Resurgence on Campus

Bobby Tuzzio

Chief Eggplant Editor

 This is a special Crusader report. Flash drives have repeatedly been seen on and off campus during the last month. Flash drives, otherwise known as thumb drives, pen drives, or jump drives, used to be very popular in the early digital age. While some students still have these “ancient” devices, most students usually email documents to themselves. However, many students have reported seeing these tiny storage devices all over campus. James Gallagher, a senior, has noticed the growing number of flash drives around campus: “Yeah, it’s really weird. I see people carrying them [flash drives] everywhere. I’ve been here almost four years and I rarely ever saw people carrying them.” The question is: Why are flash drives suddenly back in style?

  To answer that question, I did some investigating, and what I found was quite shocking. Kingston Technologies is one of the largest manufacturers of flash drives in the United States. I recently called one of their sales managers, a man by the name of Edward Cigaroni, and learned more about their company. Cigaroni told me that they have not sold a flash drive in nearly two and a half years. This news puzzled me, and I vowed to find more answers.

  After contacting several manufacturers and receiving the same answer, I thought about giving up. But then, another student, this one a freshman named Ethan Scannell, approached me and gave me some noteworthy information: “It’s weird, not only do I people carry flash drives in their pockets; I also see people carry them in their mouths.” This was a big crack in the case. People carrying flash drives in their mouths? It seemed implausible, even harmful, for one to carry a flash drive in their mouth. What does all this mean? Scannell then told me that he sees people off-campus carrying them around on the weekends. Well, that actually makes sense, as you want to protect your important documents at all times. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead carrying a flash drive to an off-campus house. Just my opinion, though.

  Over the last couple of weeks, I started to pay extra close attention to the number of flash drives I saw. My results dumbfounded me. In the last two weeks, I have never seen a flash drive in Dinand or the science library, which are two places where you would think they would turn up. Stein Hall, also flash drive-less. Weirdly enough, the only place I saw them was at off-campus houses on Friday and Saturday nights. To me, this is shocking. I am in awe with the results that I have found. Unfortunately, I can’t come up with a logical conclusion. After calling several manufacturers and interviewing countless students (side note, freshmen gave me the best information on this topic), I still have not figured out the answer. Hopefully one day I will. Until then, we can enjoy the Flash Drive Frenzy of 2017. Next week’s special report: After a long and tumultuous battle, vaping has become socially acceptable in American society.


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