Honoring A Legend: Met Gala 2023

Alexandra Berardelli ’25

Staff Writer

Happy belated Met Gala Monday to all those who celebrate! For those of you who don’t celebrate, the Met Gala is a yearly charity event that is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume institute. Falling on the first Monday of May of every year, this event marks the opening of the Met’s Summer Exhibitions. It also marks a ton of online discussion and controversy regarding the best and worst looks of the night. This year’s theme was in honor of the late Karl Lagerfeld, legendary designer for many iconic brands, most notably Chanel. “In honor of Karl,” is by far my favorite theme. The themes are usually “decoded” and no one really understands what they mean. What even was “Camp”? I’m still thinking about it.

Sure, the charitable event is great and all. But, none of us care about that as much as we care about ranking the high-ranking celebrities against each other. In my most professional opinion, here is a run down of the evening. While everyone came with the intention of looking the best on the Met carpet, some came to “slay,” while others simply missed. Right away, the best dressed at the Met Gala was Sydney Sweeney. With a bejeweled blush Miu Miu gown with black bows, she knew she dressed to impress. Sweeney’s figure was accentuated and her voluminous curls hugged the black bow in her hair. Honorable mentions for best dressed are Anne Hathaway with an appropriate tweed get up and Bvlgari coker. Another one of my favorites was Ashley Graham’s pink ball gown designed by Harris Reed, inspired by ‘80s Chanel Haute Couture. She’s incredibly inspiring as always! I think Karl would be happy with these ladies as their outfits were sophisticated, yet playful, paying homage to the legend himself.

Now, there were some awful outfit choices. It is quite a shame because people put so much time and money into all of this, just for the public to tear it apart. On top of the worst dressed of the night is…Well, there were quite a few. But, this one goes to the Jenner girls: both Kendall and Kylie Jenner did not serve anything at all this year. Kendall – a tuxedo, bodysuit, and a cape never worked for anyone. Please, do not try that one again. And, Kylie, wearing a bright red Jessica Rabbit gown made you look like an eye sore for the evening. A shame for these sisters. Honorable mentions go to Doja Cat, who really took the word “cat” too seriously. I did not know that Mrs. Whoville was on the guest list. Speaking of cats, why did Jared Leto dress up as Karl’s cat? The intention behind it is there, but I seriously thought it was an animated cat when I saw it. Now that the theme was finally easy to understand, I’m giving the best on-theme outfits to the co-hosts of the event: Dua Lipa and Penélope Cruz. Both looked absolutely stunning, in Chanel FW92 and Chanel Spring’10, respectively. They both ate, end of story. This is not an inclusive list of all the great outfits of the night, but just the most memorable ones. No hate, but if Anna Wintour says to honor Karl Lagerfeld, you honor his legacy. Some people just don’t understand commands when it comes to high-fashion. See you next year!

Image courtesy of Met Gala 2023
Dua Lipa and Penélope Cruz

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