The Case For Senator Tim Scott for President

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26

Opinion Editor

Believe it or not, the battleground for the 2024 presidential race is being shaped as we speak, with debates and campaigns forming across the nation. Incumbent Democratic President Joseph Biden is slated to formally announce his candidacy for re-election before the summer of this year, at which point he will become the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Though two candidates have declared candidacies for the party’s nomination as well, it is a foregone conclusion that Democrats will coalesce around President Biden and seal the nomination in his favor at the Democratic National Convention occurring next summer in Chicago. 

In the Republican field, five candidates have officially declared candidacies for the party’s nomination and the presidency, including former President Donald Trump, former UN Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is expected to make an announcement soon on his plans regarding the election but is seen as the most formidable opponent to President Trump, the Republican field’s frontrunner at the moment. Recent polling however shows Governor DeSantis lagging behind the former President as he continues to tighten his grip over the party’s conservative “MAGA” base. Independent and swing voters appear to abandon the former President continually, and head-to-head polling with President Biden suggests a national defeat for the frontrunner. It is a political fact that President Trump will lose in a general election, having lost support from key suburban, independent, and swing voters who view the candidate as too extreme, unreasonable, corrupt, and simply having lost it. Republicans desperately need to coalesce behind a sensible, smart, driven, and accomplished candidate with the gravitas to take on President Biden, and there is only one choice to look to: Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina 

Senator Scott, the son of a single mother, grew up in poverty and rose to prominence in South Carolina, as a businessman and a public servant. As junior Senator of the Palmetto State, he never registered less than 60% of the votes in any statewide election since his appointment. Senator Scott was the point person for a bipartisan coalition aimed at enacting police reforms, while also being instrumental in passing tax breaks and income enhancements for middle-class families. Outside the chamber, Senator Scott has tapped into the heart of mainstream America, echoing our need for civility and decency in our national debates, challenging opposing perspectives with respect. An established conservative, he holds dear the tenets of the Republican party yet is unafraid to display his independence, whether it be chastising a former president for racially insensitive comments or engaging in the discussion of race with an objective to take action on it. Senator Scott possesses a story many of us can relate to, one of struggle and aspiration for greatness not just for us, but for our family, neighbors, and friends. He embraces the American dream not with bold idealism, but for the successes it has produced and the continual faith we must share in it. Instead of merely highlighting the vices of his opponents and their inabilities, Senator Scott makes it a point to act on them, not just simply pander but accomplish what needs to be done. 

The Republican party is in shambles as is, as internal struggles threaten its historic and accomplished legacy. It needs a candidate to represent its ideals and ambitions as it respectfully serves the interests of the electorate. Senator Tim Scott has shown consistently that he is more than capable of bridging partisan divides, defending his values and ideals with civility and decorum, and standing strong in the face of intense struggle. Senator Scott stands as the best candidate for the Republican nomination and the presidency, and is undoubtedly worthy of the party’s support. 

Photo courtesy of Mishpacha Magazine

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