Peep My Crib: The View from Williams

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

Williams is the dorm in which its residents have the most creative freedom they have ever had. The long walls and numerous rooms make for great decorating opportunities. One room has taken full advantage of this opportunity, leaving no corner empty and lighting up the space unlike any other dorm. 

This room has four residents and each of them have implemented a piece of themselves into the room. At the first entrance, one’s eye is immediately drawn to the view. The Worcester skyline completely wraps around the window and Polar park can even be seen within the city.  “I like to just see the whole city and watch the cars on the highway,” said roommate Arianna Arguedas ‘23.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Muniz ’23
William’s Coziest Dorm

The living room has the most decorations out of all the rooms in the apartment. Whether it’s catching up on Too Hot to Handle or doing readings for class on the couch, this is the room where the most time is spent. There are many blankets and pillows to make anyone feel at home. At night, all the neon and string lights create an effervescent glow, which creates a cozy vibe, making it very hard to leave. Since we are getting closer to the holidays, decorations have been set up accordingly. There are glowing snowflakes along the window as well as the television. The walls are also decorated with Holy Cross Flags, a floral tapestry, and a photo collage. Although one photo has a spelling error, it is a funny surprise to those who notice. 

To the left of the entrance lies the dining room table, which had placemats, each a different pastel color and with the final touch of a small, white Christmas tree at the center. To the right of the entrance is the kitchen. Although the kitchen is not as decorated as the living room, it is still utilized very often. The highlight of the kitchen is the fridge. It features many different pictures and mementos from the semester so far, and more will be added to it as the year continues. The bedrooms are down the hall from the kitchen and also the pantry, where each roommate gets their own shelf to keep all the best snacks. The bathroom includes two sinks, one for each room of two roommates and there is a door next to each sink. One contains the shower, which has a heated lamp for when one exits the shower. 

In the future, when you see Holy Cross from the highway, look for the glowing neon lights and you will see the coziest room in Williams. 

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