SAS Sketchbook Nights

Gioia Guarino ‘23

Features Section Editor

Image courtesy of Student Art Society at HC Instagram
S.A.S Logo

The Student Art Society, dedicated to creating and showcasing students’ artworks on campus, regularly hosts sketchbook nights.’ Open to all students, regardless of artistic ability, sketchbook nights are a great creative outlet for Crusaders and a breath of fresh air from endless coursework. With final’s season quickly approaching, what better way to de-stress than with a therapeutic outlet such as creative freedom? The club hosts sketchbook nights every other Thursday from 3 pm -5 pm in the printmaking room inside the art studio.

Ethan McGrath ’23, senior treasurer of SAS, spoke out about the club’s meetings, mission statement thus far, and goals for the future. Describing the nights as a “safe atmosphere,” he reassures students questioning their involvement in the arts to attend. For those who do not own sketchbooks or art materials, SAS provides them upon request and always are “looking for new members who are interested in art.” The conventional ‘good at art’ is not the standard here, just open minds and the willingness to create. Anyone who is interested in having a fun time is highly encouraged to attend. 

Although most nights center mostly on individual creativity, this past Halloween theme involved drawing Halloween characters, with a twist, from memory. Ethan noted that many of the attendees drew characters like Casper, the friendly ghost, to Jack Skeleton! Getting into the spooky season with fellow artists is a great way to connect with new people, partake in varying activities, and reap what Holy Cross has to offer! Moreover, the autumnal activities continued further. Many participants were encouraged to seek inspiration directly from the campus’s beauty, from the turning trees to brick buildings adorned with ivy. 

He explains that while the nights are already a great success, the club aims to expand in the future regarding new activities and themed nights returning from many covid disturbances. Upcoming, the society plans a field trip to the Worcester Art Museum (WAM), Worcester’s very own art museum full of art and differing exhibits. Ethan noted the numerous plans from the upcoming museum trip to the “Come Sleigh w Student Art Society” to make holiday cards for loved ones.” A festive branding and incentive to ring in the season of giving is the goal behind this theme, encouraging Crusaders to get in the holiday spirit. 

For more information regarding the organization and joining, contact StudentArtSociety@g.holycross.edu.

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