Peep my Crib: An Inside Look into a 6-Man Suite in Alumni

Rea Nassif ’24

Features Editor

Image courtesy of Rea Nassif ’24
Lasch, Tyrell, DeCoste, Lupone, Durling, and Underwood Residence

Here, we have six juniors – William Lasch, Thomas Tyrell, Eric DeCoste, Nicholas Lupone, Tyler Durling, and Jack Underwood – residing on the first floor of Alumni Hall. Upon entering the room, I was fascinated by how spacious it was, and how there was room for four different banners in their living room. There is even room for a seven-foot Christmas tree in between their two couches. The room is set up in a way where when you walk in, there is open space and a bathroom to the left, along with the first two rooms. Then, when you keep walking inside, there is another room at the end of the living room and a storage room that these boys use for their golf clubs and hockey sticks. 

After speaking with each of the juniors about their opinions regarding their room, I received a lot of insightful feedback that allowed me to gain a better understanding of these stylistic elements. One of the roommates, Eric DeCoste, says, “I love the environment in Alumni and I am so lucky to have a 6 man. The common room is awesome and always brings good vibes and is a great place to relax and hangout with my friends.” He also adds, “We chose to put up the Christmas tree earlier in the year since most of us will be abroad in the spring, and we are all so close and wanted to get in the holiday spirit together.” This reflection proves how this room is a way for the roommates to not only get closer, but to also live somewhere that projects a positive atmosphere for both them and other people who choose to enter. 

Personally, I envy the amount of space these boys have in their room as I live in a Loyola dorm that does not have a common space for my roommates and I. The fact that Alumni is located near the dining hall is also a nice touch because they have easy access to food and are able to see a diverse group of people at all points of the day. The roommates claim that they enjoy living near Kimball because they are able to know when it is a good time to go to eat. Roommate, Thomas Tyrell claims that he “knows when it is Chicken Parm day because the line goes all the way down Kimball quad.” This aspect of the room contributes to the friendly atmosphere it exudes and never allows any of them to feel lonely at any time of the day. After visiting this room, I gained a better perspective on how six male college students prefer to decorate and why they chose to include the decorations that they did.

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