Infrastructure Bill — Legislators Discuss If We Should Allow Citizens to Live in Filth and Destruction

Juan Arturo Trillo ‘25
Very Confused About Politics

On Friday, a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill was passed by the House of Representatives. The bill is meant to cover funding for broadband, public transit, roads, bridges, clean water, and other services. Given its scope, there is no end to the variety of feelings towards it. So, here are just a few citizen responses to a survey asking about their opinions on the bill:

Do you understand what infrastructure means and what the bill entails?

“Infra-what?” – All of the representatives who voted against the bill

“No.” – Any teenager who posts daily political content on their social media

What are your reactions to the passing of the infrastructure bill?

“Are you telling me there’s going to be MORE construction?”  – Anyone who has been to LaGuardia Airport

“Can we just create a single navigable road on this campus?” – Every Holy Cross student

“Why was there even a debate on this bill?!” – Person who does not want to live in actual ruins

“So you’re telling me if this bill wasn’t passed they were just going to let all the bridges collapse?” – Someone who is very confused about politics

Do you agree with the passing of the bill?

“Yes, this gives us more money to put those spikes under bridges that stop homeless people from sleeping there.” – Genghis Khan

“Do I even have to ****ing say anything?” – Anonymous resident of Flint, Michigan

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